What I’m Eating: Avocado Soup with Shrimp & Pineapple Salsa


By now, you know that I am obsessed with The Paleo Way on Netflix. On one episode, Chef Pete Evans whips up an Avocado Soup that requires no cooking. I don’t have to cook. I love avocados. I was craving shrimp. Sold! This recipe is so easy. Basically, you start by peeling and scooping out the meat from avocados (I used four) and put it in the blender. Then add broth (I used my homemade chicken broth), coconut cream, juice from one lime, cumin, salt and pepper. For my soup, I substituted coconut milk for coconut cream, added organic sour cream and organic heavy whipping cream. I usually don’t eat much dairy. I only added it for thickness. Blended the mixture.

To accompany the avocado soup, he made a citrus-prawn salsa. I decided to hack that part. So I cut up pineapples and mixed those with one of my favorite things, Rotel. I bought steamed shrimp with Old Bay seasoning from the grocery store. The picture shows the delightful result. It was super delicious. Give it a try.

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