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Sustainable Food: Are We Ready To Add Bugs To Our Shopping Lists?

Bugs and Algae Will Be On The Menus of the Future #SUSTAINABLEFOOD The world’s leading sustainability award, WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, wants to make kids and their parents used to the thought of eating insects and food waste. ”Play Food from the Future” is a set of 3D-printed toys designed to spark conversation and imaginative play around how we will eat in the future, and broaden the interest for sustainable food. Parents might have...


Zero Waste Tour Discovers Food Is Wasted More Than Plastics

The World’s First Zero Waste Adventure found food excess to be their biggest challenge I normally would not post about a wildlife tour company, particularly because travel is not carbon-neutral, unless you participate in a carbon offset program. “Airlines alone are the single largest source of carbon emissions for the last three years, with CO2 emissions by U.S. airlines increasing more than 3% in 2018 (Forbes, “50 Travel Companies Trying Their Hardest to Reduce Their...

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