Prettypegs Upgrades Your IKEA Furniture With Stylish New Options

In 1986, IKEA opened its second American store in Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, Virginia. The blue and yellow store stood out like beautiful sore thumb. As a creative, IKEA is a wonderful playground for the imagination to roam. The prices are reasonable and the Swedish style fit with my aesthetic. After moving into our first apartment, my ex-husband and I decided to fill our home with a few IKEA goodies. Our first IKEA couch was the Klippan. I loved its clean lines and the idea that I could easily reinvent my couch with a simple cover change. IKEA still sells the Klippan sofa. It’s kind of iconic.

Many decades later, I am still an IKEA shopper. Despite what people think, every piece of furniture that I have bought has lasted and remained sturdy and beautiful. However, my creative spirit has always wished for ways to add my own unique touch to their basic styles. Fortunately for us, we can now thanks to Prettypegs.

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Prettypegs was born out of a simple stroll through an IKEA store. Jana and Mikael were moved by how pretty a sofa was but despised the its legs. In the car on their way home they discussed nothing but sofas and their legs. When they reached their garage, Prettypegs was born. They started the company without the slightest knowledge on how to make sofa legs nor did they have the money. But that didn’t stop them. The pair had saved money to pay for their wedding but decided to use it as startup money instead. They want to inspire as many people as possible, to personalize their home & extend the lifetime of IKEA furniture.

Our accessories are for all of those who believe it’s rather the small details that forms the whole, in the space that is most precious to you – your home – expressing who you are. Jana & Mikael

Prettypegs offers accessories such as legs, knobs and fronts that adds personality to your IKEA furniture. Personalizing your furniture encourages people to keep their furniture longer. Upcycling your furniture will also help to keep these items out of landfills.

Launching this November, Prettypegs is pleased to introduce a new lightweight and stylish front cover collection – The Loop. These embossed prints are a tribute to the German Bauhaus school turning 100 this year. As a huge fan of the famed Bauhaus, I am most pleased. There will be three different patterns that can be used together or separately. The Loop was specifically design for IKEA’s Bestå unit. Prettypegs new front covers can be matched with all Prettypegs legs and knobs but goes especially well with our new wheel leg model – Julia, or our Bauhaus-inspired Hedvig Arch and Hedvig Little legs.

prettypegs, IKEA, besta cabinet, upcycling

They are also adding three new autumn colors: soft terracotta, teal green and lilac gray.

prettypegs, ikea, besta cabinet

Ready to add your personality to your IKEA furniture? Check out Prettypegs and their fresh, modern options for IKEA furniture.


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