Nest Love: Leather Coaster Joy from Molly Virginia Made

There are very few big box stores who support local designers. I’m very impressed by West Elm. Across the world, West Elm provides opportunities to makers who primarily work with their hands and use local materials. They believe that by providing an income for local makers they are more likely to shop locally, they lessen their impact on the environment because they buy local materials, and the project helps to foster community. I want to support these shops. So I will be spotlighting more local West Elm brands in the future.

Molly Virginia Campbell (owner of Molly Virginia Made) uses an ancient marbling technique developed in China to create unique and individualized leather goods. Her coasters are hand-dyed and marbled in Richmond, VA. Each coaster is moisture-sealed and are available in sets of four. The marbled look adds a special touch, particularly because no one coaster is the same. Get your set of leather marbled coasters.

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