Nest Love: Batasha Recycled Glass Globe Lamps

Designing with a sweet treat in mind just might be a brilliant idea, particularly if you’re using recycled glass. That’s the story behind the Batasha Recycled Glass Globe Lamps. The lamps resemble the beloved India sweet treatbatasha sugar drops. It seriously looks delicious. These beauties transform light into a soft ambient glow. Recycling glass into beautiful products just makes sense to me. Colored glass can be used as it. So the lovely greens, blues, and amber glass bottles can be transformed into stunning products.

What’s sad is that in the U.S., recycling glass is becoming a problem. Many municipalities are citing the expense associated with hauling glass (it weighs ten times more than paper) as their number one reason for discontinuing their recycling program. Keefe Harrison, CEO of the Recycling Partnership, a non-profit committed to improving recycling programs nationwide said that “it has very minimal market value because it has to compete with sand,” which is the raw material glass is made from. [*] It is difficult to fault cities because local taxpayers front the burden since there isn’t a countrywide policy in place.

There are so many benefits to recycling glass [**]:

  1. Recycled glass can be substituted for up to 95% of raw materials.
  2. Manufacturers benefit from recycling in several ways: Recycled glass reduces emissions and consumption of raw materials, extends the life of plant equipment, such as furnaces, and saves energy.
  3. The container and fiberglass industries collectively purchase 3.35 million tons of recycled glass annually, which is remelted and repurposed for use in the production of new containers and fiberglass products.
  4. Over a ton of natural resources are saved for every ton of glass recycled.
  5. States with container deposit legislation have an average glass container recycling rate of just over 63%, while non-deposit states only reach about 24%, according to the Container Recycling Institute.

I’m glad to see a company make use of recycled glass in such a beautiful way. All lamps are made in India. Buy your Batasha Recycled Glass Globe Lamp at Viva Terra.



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