My Obsession With Vintage Gowns

Brand: Kurated by Kizzy Evae
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I am obsessed with vintage. But I am especially obsessed with vintage gowns. This love stems from my steadfast belief that actresses were best-dressed in between the 1920s and the 1950s. There was plenty of glitz and glamour. Starlets were draped in sumptuous velvet and dazzling sequins and luxurious fabrics in rich colors. I couldn’t begin to tell you what they were saying. I was mesmerized by how they had been styled for each scene. Kurated by Kizzy Evae is a sublime vintage shop curated by the darling Kizzy Evae. My love for vintage pails in comparison. Our respect for the craftsmanship of those eras are identical. These images represent my love and adoration.

Creative Director: Janice W.
Brand: Kurated by Kizzy Evae
Photography: Karen N.
Makeup: Dominica G
Model: Vivien E.
Headdresses: Janice W.

Grey Gardens

Brand: Instant Vintage 78//Stacie Moore and Samantha Sims on their love for vintage

A person of true style cannot help but to love vintage – we’re not talking fashion, but style.  Vintage is about more than just a look.  It is about the attention to every detail in a garment.  It is about the love of wearable art.  We love vintage, first, because of the quality and craftsmanship you find in the clothing and accessories that was once a standard in the clothing industry.  Years ago, it was a given to use the best textiles and accoutrements to create a garment worthy of spending money on.  What you get from a fashion house nowadays was once available on the racks of your favorite local department stores just one generation ago.  We love the individuality that vintage brings to a wardrobe.  We are all different and unique. Many of us choose to express that individuality through clothing.  Typically, vintage items are one-of-a-kind due to their age (being at least 20 years old).  Other items like it may exist, but you would be hard-pressed to find a duplicate since the pieces are no longer in production.  Often times, the vintage items we source are custom made and there is no other like it.  Another thing we absolutely love about vintage is what we learn from the garments.  The items we source are pieces of history that take us down a rabbit hole of research.  We learn so much about designers of the past (many of whom your favorite designers were once employed by – take Oscar de la Renta for Jane Derby, for example), what inspired them, what was their aesthetic, what made them successful and even what led to their departure from the industry. It pushes us to become more knowledgeable about our product and sharpens our perspective on styling, pricing, fashion forecasting and many other aspects of the business.

We started our first vintage clothing company, Tiger Lillies, LLC, in 2003 as a means to fund a goal of designing a clothing line.  At the age of 14, Samantha had been introduced to the world of vintage dealing through her aunt, with whom she frequented thrift stores and flea market to source merchandise to be sold at various markets in Washington, D.C.  Stacie, a long-time student of art history and fashion marketing, was naturally intrigued by the idea of sourcing vintage clothing for resale.  After years of refining our brand we relaunched our company in 2012 as Instant Vintage 78 – a clothing boutique that specializes in vintage garments and accessories dating from the 1950s-1990s for men, women, and children.  We named our company Instant Vintage 78 for the items we carry – pieces that were classic since the day they were conceived that will translate and remain relevant throughout the decades.  We hand select each item for the characteristics we love – quality, craftsmanship, style and relevance – to bring you the best that vintage has to offer.  Our goal is to make you love vintage as much as we do and to have a piece of history that you will treasure forever.

Creative Directors & Stylists: Stacie Moore and Samantha Sims
Brand: Instant Vintage 78

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