Kirrin Finch Makes The Cool Androgynous Fashion Essentials Women Need

Kirrin Finch Creates Menswear-Inspired Essentials

I was so fortunate to meet Laura Moffat, one-half of the Brooklyn-based fashion couple/entrepreneurs of Kirrin Finch, during the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator’s (BFDA) 2017 Positive Impact Awards. It was a curious meeting. Kelly Sanders Moffat wasn’t there because she was 9 months pregnant and due any minute, literally. Everyone was on baby watch. Laura seemed relatively cool but her excitement was evident. There was a baby on the way. That is the ultimate cool for any couple.

I love BFDA, led by the brilliant, longtime Eco Warrior, Deborah Johnson. What it looks like on the outside does not prepare you for what’s inside. At first glance, if looks like a large industrial complex for something other than fashion creatives. Even as you enter, you would probably still not be convinced that this haven of creativity exists in the drab building. Au contraire. It was brimming with imagination and entrepreneurial spirit sandwiched between love and harmony. It felt like a family reunion. Like a gathering of people who truly cared for each other. Each designer/brand has a space carved out like mini brick and mortar shops.

Visiting the designers’ booths reminded me of a relaxed, familial version of Capsule trade show. Designers and brands had their best wares on display. There was a little bit of everything, most selling at wholesale prices (particularly for the event). I finally arrived at Kirrin Finch. Laura was holding down the fort and was ready to answer all of my questions. As with most businesses, Kirrin Finch was born out of necessity. Laura and Kelly found it impossible to find suitable button-down shirts with the fit of bespoke menswear. It wasn’t long before they realized that it wasn’t just the two of them. There were many women searching for the style of menswear with the fit of womenswear. They decided to meet the growing demand for gender-defying fashion by creating menswear-inspired apparel designed to fit a range of female bodies. The name, Kirrin Finch, was inspired by iconic fictional tomboys “Georgina Kirrin” from The Famous Five series and “Scout Finch” from To Kill A Mockingbird. Both these characters embrace the tomboy spirit and are not constrained by society’s views of how a woman should behave or dress.

The most wonderful thing about Kirrin Finch is their mission: to break gender barriers and embracing freedom of expression. Fashion is supposed to be democratic and available to everyone. Not just a few. The couple is working to create clothes that make a woman feel comfortable in her own skin. There’s also a playful side to their clothing. I fell in love with all of the prints (probably because I’m obsessed with prints). To be able to mix careful tailoring with a bit of whimsy is not easy. But Laura and Kelly make it look easy. You will have a hard time choosing just one shirt.

In addition to their commitment to tailored style, Kirrin Finch is also a sustainable, ethical brand. All of their shirts are made from natural fabrics. They also produce their entire line in NYC. Giving back to the LGBTQ community and empowering women is central to who they are as people, and to the core of their company. I heart that very much. Kirrin Finch is more than just shirts with sizing to 20. Check out their line of shirts, pants, hats, tees, pocket squares and bow ties.

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