Fab Vintage Find: Vintage Lacoste Sweater


When I go thrift shopping, the two things that I gravitate towards are shoes and sweaters. I have to tell myself on a regular that I have plenty of shoes and plenty of sweaters. It’s so true. But it doesn’t stop me from wishing. I enjoy the hunt. Even if I leave empty-handed. My deal with myself is that I can buy secondhand items but only if I responsibly share clothing that I no longer wear. I haven’t shared anything recently because I’m trying to see how long I can go without buying anything. So far, I’m up to four months. It would’ve been all year but I couldn’t walk away from a vintage Rolling Stones tee from their 1972 American tour that I bought at Tribute, a local sustainable and ethical shop.

I also love vintage Lacoste anything. I particularly like the vintage stuff because I dislike the new stuff with that big fat alligator. It’s just not cute to me. After roaming around Thrifted, I fell in love with this vintage Lacoste sweater. I love the color, the pattern, and the cute tiny alligator. Thrifted has a wealth of fab vintage pieces. Get this cool vintage Lacoste sweater at Thrifted. By the way, you will find it under Jumpers, the British term for what we Yanks call sweaters. Shop sustainably!

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